PRISM Projects

Current research activities in PRISM are:

Optimizing South African road construction and maintenance with shadow prices: Matthew Townshend and Don Ross:

The research is intended to strengthen the road appraisal process in South Africa. Authorities will be provided with a method to identify and measure the full set of costs and benefits associated with road investment. Currently many costs and benefits are either overlooked or included subjectively given estimation difficulties. Community participation is another important input that must be effectively incorporated into the appraisal process. Detailed cost-benefit analysis can then be used to prioritise and guide road investment - an important outcome given budget constraints and the heavy maintenance backlogs facing road authorities.

Towards employment intensive growth in South Africa; Project leader - A. Black. Funded by South Africa Netherlands Research Programme on Alternatives in Development (SANPAD) (R668,000). One key output is edited volume due out in 2013.

Chinese Competition and the Restructuring of South African Manufacturing. L. Edwards is overseas co-ordinator of this project and working with R. Jenkins at the University of East Anglia in the UK. It is funded by ESRC (UK) (£62,000).

Making the Most of Commodities Program for Africa – industrialization and linkages; Project Leaders – M. Morris, D. Kaplan, R Kaplinsky, comprising 14 additional researchers examining industrialization opportunities arising from backward and forward linkages to commodity sectors in eight African countries, funded by International Development Research Centre of Canada (CAD$600,000), Hewlett Foundation ($136 000), Oppenheimer Award (R300 000). Output thus far is 14 Discussion Papers, Special Issue of Resources Policy (forthcoming 2012) and a book by project leaders 2012.

African Clothing and Footwear Research Network: Adjusting to Chinese Ascendancy in the Global Clothing Industry; Examines dimensions, variations, sources and limits of Post-MFA stabilisation in African clothing exports. M. Morris is expert adviser and Southern Africa coordinator, project headquartered in IDS, University of Nairobi, Funded by IDRC (CAD$600 000).

Terrorism, Violence and Air Traffic Demand. The principal investigators were J.P. Dunne and J. Brauer. The project studied the effects of large-scale violent conflict, wars, or terrorism on the airline industries. It was funded by the Arsenault Family Foundation and Economists for Peace and Security (USA) ($60,000).

Trade and Poverty Project. L. Edwards was the principal investigator for this project funded by the Department for International Development (DFID – UK), USAID and the Department of Trade and Industry (R900,000).

2007 - 09
African Clothing and Footwear Research Network: Innovation, Employment, and Poverty Reduction – project leader M. Morris - focused on development dimensions of the clothing and footwear industry in six African countries. M. Morris is expert adviser and Southern Africa coordinator, DELphe project funded by DFID (£75 000).

2006 -11
Asian Drivers (China) Impact on Africa – Pan African project covering 14 countries examining the impact of China in terms of FDI, Trade, and Aid on SSA. M. Morris was coordinating committee member of the African Economic Research Consortium (Nairobi) programme; Rockefeller Foundation and the International Development Research Centre of Canada